Features of Top-Rated Hotels that Will Blow your Mind

A hotel is not just a place of accommodation while on a business trip or holiday vacation. Contemporary hotels feature remarkable amenities that boost your experience as a whole. There are various types of hotels depending on their star ratings, budget, and accommodations. Boutique hotels, luxury hotels, economy hotels, and apartment hotels are just few of the variations you can find. How do modern hotels become your home away from home? It all starts with the amenities.

On top of the outstanding location, most hotel accommodations spell the huge difference they offer that gives them the edge from the competition. Take note that the best pick is the one that is in the heart of the metropolis. It is closest to the business and cultural hub of the city with walking or driving distance from tourist destinations and historical sites.


Check out some en-suite and common hotel facilities that will surely make your stay the most convenient and luxurious:



Room Variety

The most remarkable hotel offers a wide range of rooms and suites for all your accommodation needs.


Different Types

Different guests have their preferences as to the type of room they wish to book for the duration of their stay.


Executive Suites

Top notch hotels have varied rooms and suites from superior to executive suites to family rooms, matrimonial rooms, and rooms for single occupants.




Restaurants within the premises of the hotel guarantees the convenience of the guests at all times.

They have ready access of meals and beverages any time they want. Having a restaurant inside the hotel is a good indication of an all-inclusive hospitality service. This is on top of the complimentary meals and room services offered.

  • Wi-Fi Internet Access

Modern hotels, and even bed and breakfast facilities, offer free Wi-Fi Internet access. Internet is as important as free meals and other basic needs for hotel guests. Thus, it is imperative that hotel accommodation should include complimentary Wi-Fi access.


Guests need to connect to their social media accounts or with families, friends, and colleagues through the Internet. It is important that hotels provide this necessity anywhere in the vicinity for the convenience of their guests.

  • Gym, Spa, and Pool

One of the features that make a hotel stand out from their competition is the additional facilities for recreation and relaxation. Fitness gyms and wellness clubs with state-of-the-art equipment are fantastic assets that attract more guests. Top rated hotels have showers, changing rooms, lockers, and hair dryers.

  • Complimentary Parking

The best hotels offer a secure and enclosed outdoor parking facility for guests. You have a special complimentary place where you can park your vehicle throughout your stay.

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